Mike Blum, eLearning Specialist

This is a Basic Website. It’s great as an information clearinghouse for your course or as a showcase for your professional accomplishments. It has a cool menu at the top and a search bar to help visitors navigate the site more easily. You can add media like a PDF of your syllabus to the media content area and then link to it on this page for easy access.

Things you can do with this sort of WordPress site include:

  • Welcome page to introduce the concept of your site to visitors
  • Contact Us page to allow visitors to easily get in touch with you
  • About Us page to give users some insight about you and/or your group
  • Post your CV
  • Share a course syllabus
  • Maintain a list of important web links
  • Advertise an event
  • Share images, videos, or PDFs

Fancy stuff:

You can also add links, images, videos, and other stuff that might be important for your purposes.I have a bunch of tutorials to help you do most of what you might want to accomplish with WordPress:

Below, you can see examples of embedded videos. There’s lots more you can do

Sample of an embedded video playlist